Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Get your songs recorded with our professional musicians and engineers today at our full service recording studio!

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From singer songwriters to large bands, we will help you capture it.

Mixing and Mastering

Optimize your content for distribution on all streaming platforms.


Let us help you add definition to your music with Production, Composition, and Arrangements.


Learn how to engineer your own music. Take production lessons from our engineers.

Design and Consultation

Want to design your own production space? Our engineers can give you some advice.

Studio Musicians

Leverage our extensive network of talented musicians.


Progress Report Student Package

We encourage students from private lessons to play in groups that are goal-oriented. This means practicing for the quarterly showcases, as well as community events. Once the band has performed, we find it important to put the students' skills to the test in the studio, while giving them a complete experience of taking their hard work and making something tangible of it. Once the song is recorded, mixed, and mastered, these recordings are uploaded to where they can be heard by the public! We also touch on how to promote your band so that the bands formed at our school are equipped with the ability to play on their own once they graduate from House of Music. This grants each rock band student a well-rounded, professional experience!

Vision in the Rhythm

Live Studio Recording

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We offer hourly rates and package deals - talk to an engineer to find out more!

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