Mike Tabor

Mike Tabor - Studio Manager & Recording Engineer

Michael Tabor is an audio engineer and audio electronics technician. He completed a Bachelor’s in Music Media Production from Ball State University with a focus in physics, electronics, and acoustics. After beginning his musical career as a percussionist, Michael expanded upon his skillset by pursuing audio production and audio system integration. He, along with his brother and store owner Tony Tabor, designed and built the new House of Music store, recording studio, and performance venue. Michael operates as studio manager, ensuring the technological integrity of the space fosters a creative environment for all levels of musicianship, while serving as the primary recording engineer and music producer of the House of Music Studio. Michael works full time in the Product Management department at Shure Incorporated with a focus on audio processing devices for corporate collaboration. At Shure, his duties primarily revolve around aiding the engineering department in developing products that meet the current needs of customers while remaining innovative and forward thinking in the world of audio production. Michael never takes a break from audio.
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