Abigale Schultz

Abigail Schultz is a singer and songwriter from the south suburbs of Chicago. Her primary instrument is voice, with secondary instruments being guitar, trumpet, and beginner piano. Abigail graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Music. She has always had a passion for music through early choir programs and playing trumpet for eight years. Right after graduating high school, she pursued a full-time career of singing. With several years of vocal training from Moraine Valley and Columbia College, she started her own metal band called Bachelor’s Grove. Her main styles that she tends to gravitate towards are metal, alternative rock, hard rock, classic rock, punk, and pop. Her musical influences include Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Avatar, The Beatles, In This Moment, Infected Rain, Paramore, and Lady Gaga. Abigail is a strong believer of self-expression and how music can be the healthiest wayl to express your personality, style, emotions, and beliefs. She also is a strong believer that anyone has the ability to rock hard in any musical field no matter who you are!


You can find information on Abigail’s band, Bachelor’s Grove here: